The Ways We Are
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The Ways We Are


a podcast about personal identity and unpacking the (seemingly) fragmented bits.

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Our identities are complicated.

We are defined by the names we call ourselves, the languages we speak, the food we eat, the places we travel to (and have travelled from), the bodies we inhabit, and much, much more. These seemingly separate parts of who we are come together to inform our decisions, help us solve problems, and even impact the way we feel about the spaces we feel safe in and the opportunities we seek out for ourselves.

The Ways We Are is a space to unpack all these parts of ourselves through candid, honest conversations. Hosts Avineet Kaur Cheema and Kenya-Jade Pinto amplify and share true and diverse stories--including the experiences that shape personal identity--with guests and listeners, in order to nurture and inspire them to reflect on their own intersectional identities. In doing so, we hope to help make Canada a more connected, more empathetic place.

Each season we will unpack a certain element of identity by speaking to people with lived experiences and stories to share. Join us for season one, 'What's in a Name'.


join the conversation.

Have something you want to share? Maybe it’s a name story, or something for a future season? We want to hear it.
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